“Woah! What are you training for?”

Earlier this week I was having a conversation with a FFTOB student, and she mentioned how often people ask her what she is training for. Of course, those types of questions can be expected with all of the thought-provoking photos of you working out on Facebook and calluses on your hands. Her answer was one that I am quite proud of, though. “I’m just training for my life!” she said.

When it comes to training, I think we are apt to confuse what is normal in today’s society with what is normal for our species. Questions like the one above often come from a place that assumes training hard and eating right could only mean you have a marathon on your bucket list, or a wedding to look good for.

Coach Annie helping Lucy train.. for life!

Specific goals and upcoming events can be a huge asset to one’s training. That 5K at the end of the month can provide quality context for the training days from now until then, for example, and the thought of bathing suit shopping can even give you reason to get in the car and make it to the Bluffs. What happens after the race, though? Or, when bathing suits are out of season?

What if there was a bigger reason? Human beings are not meant to sit in a chair. We have not evolved to be inactive. And no, there are no advances in medicine that can change that. What is “normal” today is not normal for your DNA!

Get outside. Get fit and be active. And, if you don’t have a big race to train for—Great! You we’re meant to be strong and you were meant to be fast anyway.

Train for your life!

Logan Gelbrich

Saturday’s Workout:

With a partner, three rounds
for time of:

30 Box Jumps
30 KB Cleans
30 Knees to Elbows
30 KB Deadlift

**One partner works at a time. The other holds the KB.
**20 burpee penalty for dropping the KB

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