Whether you are talking about emerging business markets or your sport of choice, there is no question that competition is a powerful thing. Competition is at the root of the iconic moments we’ve seen a million times on the highlight reel as much as it is at the root of many advances in productivity and technology. It truly is a fight to be better.

The value of competition is largely a result of its ability to demand our best. Its use is nearly limitless as it provides a wonderful built in accountability tool.

Lindsey gets some hands on coaching.

With regards to training, the idea of competition is a novel one. Most of us go to the gym, throw on the headphones, and get in our own head. Any pressure to perform comes from within, and in a standard gym setting there isn’t much context to push the envelope.

Training at FFOTB brings, for the first time ever for many students, competition into the picture. Though everyone is on their own unique path to elite fitness, the entire class is racing to do more work faster. Now, there is context to your effort and it makes sense to challenge yourself beyond any limitations you may have built in your head.

At FFOTB the coaching is great, but if you looked hard enough you might be able to find something comparable—for a pretty penny. The view from the bluff and feel of the outdoors is wonderful, but we all have access to local beauty. The movements are magical for improving performance, but any eager student could seek out the exercises that elicit such quality results. The competition, though, is another story. The community and the competition of the group is the X-factor that is like nothing else!

Working though the middle of the hardest training of your life with a group of people with strengths and weaknesses of their own, feeling all the things you are feeling is a motivator like no other. This type of competition demands your best and with your best come results like you could never imagine!

Embrace the opportunity to compete. Go out there and beat your classmates! Compete against yourself and who you used to be! If you do this, you will absolutely leave better than when you showed up.

I look forward to seeing the newer, better you each and every day.

Logan Gelbrich

Tuesday’s Workout:

Mini “Arnie”
11 TGU, Right Arm
25 Swings
11 OHS, Left Arm
25 Swings
11 OHS, Right Arm
25 Swings
11 TGU, Left Arm

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  • fitchicla says:

    This is such a great post…. I never really thought of myself as “competitive” until I began to look at competition as a way to make myself so much better than I ever could be on my own. If my “teammates” are working hard than I need a mentality to work hard as well, if they aren’t stopping then there is no need for me to. If they are pushing themselves to the limit then so will I! I challange you all to take a competitive mindset each and every time you workout… and in doing this your results will be impecable.

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