Are you a “realist”? So often, I think we chalk up “the way things are” as the only way they can be. This shows up in numerous places for different people, especially as we get older. Suddenly, we don’t shoot for goals that seem too far out of reach. We don’t expect successes that are too grandiose. I mean we’ve got to be “realistic,” right?

I’ve never be able to relate to this worldview, but I do see it everywhere. It seems as though, for the most part, we all grow up as a dreamer with hopes of being an astronaut or the President, and then at some point we settle down and get “realistic.”

A “realistic” approach to your life immediately puts a ceiling on your potential. Idealism, however, allows room for the fulfillment of self. I would encourage you all to take the approach that you have the ability to be the absolute best in anything that you do. Some people may confuse your expectations of yourself as conceit, but your Idealism is key to unlocking what is possible within you.

That's a pretty ideal view if you ask me!

I see this everywhere with fitness. So often I hear things like ,“I could never look like that.” Or, “I mean, its just not realistic for someone like me to finish a triathalon.” The scary thing about training smart and utilizing your coaches is literally anything is possible! Students that show up consistently are already doing things that were impossible some time ago.

Are you watering down the vision you have of yourself? What are your real goals? Not the simpler, easier ones you tell everyone about, but the ones you keep secret because they aren’t “realistic?”

Below is one of my favorite video clips of all time. It is part of a talk by “A Man’s Search for Meaning” author and survivor of three concentration camps, Viktor Frankl. Excuse the heavy accent, as he describes the key to human spirit.


Start over estimating yourself today!

Logan Gelbrich

Thursday’s Workout:

“Tabata Yo Mamma”
Kb Goblet Squats
Tire Jumps
Ball Slams
Jump Rope
**1 min rest in between each exercise

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