Deuce Garage – Venice, CA

deuce-logo-smallMuch like the grit and texture of the old auto service garage that houses our training, DEUCE Garage relies on basic, old school training methods of gymnastics, weightlifting, powerlifting, running and jumping to change people’s lives. DEUCE Garage is a progressive strength and conditioning gym with a knack for world class coaching and powerful culture. The bread and butter of DEUCE Garage is it’s world famous GPP Program, which allows participation for any student of any fitness level. The goals of the GPP program include the most broad, general, inclusive fitness possible with structure and context that have long term lifestyle changes in mind.

In addition to the GPP Program, DEUCE Garage has a host of specialty courses to round out the educational experience. Want to learn the finer points of powerlifting? Olympic weightlifting? Strongman? Goal setting? DEUCE Garage has specific courses to address each need.

DEUCE Garage is a community staple in Venice Beach. Skate, walk, ride a bike, or drive over and change your perspective on fitness forever!


DEUCE Gym – 110 Lincoln Blvd, Venice, CA 90291