As the years go by, it seems as though the daily tasks that need to be completed grow longer and longer.  With this growing list also comes a sense of feeling overwhelmed and sometimes like an uphill battle. Trying to create a balance between the different daily tasks from emails, texts, daily duties at the

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Nonchalance, Hype’s Underrated Cousin?

We all love a good hype man. Just, think about it. There’s really nothing quite like the act of unequivocal, unadulterated passion shouted (perhaps better phrased, gifted) from one human to another, all in the name of encouragement. Doesn’t matter whether you’re delivering, receiving, or observing the hype. Well-intended and well-executed, it’s awe-inspiring – period!

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DEUCE Presents: Claim Your City!

We can’t do much about everything, but we can do our best at a few things. A part of our regular, twice-daily duties at the gym, for example, includes a specific task that reads: Check yard & facility perimeter for trash/debris This means twice per day, one of us will search for and retrieve any

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Change Your Perspective: Synchronized Swimming

Confession time. I used to see synchronized swimming in the Olympics and on TV sometimes and I just didn’t get it. The camera would just show legs in the air and they would sometimes make cool shapes in the pool, much like a college marching band does at halftime. So I simply just wrote it

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NEW! DEUCE Racing Podcast, Episode 13: Sarah Williams

Captain Planet is a woman, and her name is Sarah Williams. Sarah, our newest Breath & Exposure coach, is an incredible individual who has completed some extraordinary adventures, including… Hiked the entire John Muir Trail, a 220 mile solo hike from Yosemite to Mt. Whitney. Gone 6 days with no food or light in an

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