No More Shame, Respect the Hang

The “hang”, of course, is in reference to a variation start position for the snatch and clean and jerk. For many novice and intermediate lifters, the hang position can feel remedial. Counter to what it might feel like, I’m here to tell you that the hang snatch isn’t “Snatch Lite” and the hang clean isn’t

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Choosing the Goose or the Bottle

While the faces change, humans don’t have that many different kinds of problems. Those stay the same.  Some problems are so old that we’ve got ancient parables for them that are just as important and informative today as they were thousands of years ago.  Here’s the Zen parable you might need to hear right now: “A woman

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Never Miss a Pitch

There’s almost nothing specific I can remember about most of my baseball career. Sure, there are some unforgettable big moments. However, I don’t remember scores or stats. I couldn’t tell you about big plays or any particular at bats… ..except one.  I can recall every detail of a single pitch in 2007 and the reason for the

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Return Trip Effect

If you’ve ever gone somewhere and felt like the return trip seemed shorter than the initial trip – even though the distance traveled and the actual time spent traveling were identical – you’re not crazy. It’s an actual phenomenon called the Return Trip Effect. Research conducted by Niels van de Ven in 2011 confirmed the

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Dabble: How the Fitness Industry Fails & Gets Rich Doing It

The results are in! The first tech start up company of the decade to earn a billion dollar valuation has passed the ten figure threshold. It’s name?  ClassPass, Inc.  It’s important to mention that the intention of this article is to communicate an important, universal worldview of health and fitness. Neither I nor DEUCE feels

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