Notorious DEUCE Holiday Party Returns!

It’s time to celebrate an incredible year together at DEUCE! You, your friends, and your family are invited to the 2023 DEUCE Holiday Party. Join us at Ōwa on Abbot

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Vulnerability: Who Will Go First?

You want to live in a world where others are vulnerable, I promise you. Without it, you’ll never be told you’re beautiful or loved. Every shopping option will be a

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Collective Illusions: Will Topple Governments, Change Your Life

“…In everyone, there is some willingness to merge with the anonymous crowd and to flow comfortably along with it down the river of pseudo-life.” -Vaclav Havel  My man Vaclav was

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The Last Athletic Attribute: Body Language

You’ve lost before you even start with poor body language. Conversely, great body language won’t guarantee victory, but poor body language can nearly confirm demise at the highest level.  There’s

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Language Matters: Posture vs. Pose

What’s the difference between a posture and a pose? Until last week, I’d never considered it, but according to Russian sports scientist, Dr. Nicholas Romanov, the difference is critical.  Dr.

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