A Man, His Truck, a Wench, and Pure Mastery

The most exceptional expression of skill I’ve ever seen came almost ten years ago. It involves one man, a truck, and a single wench. If you’ve been to DEUCE Garage,

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The Human History of War Fighting Distilled into One Word

Maybe no one has a more important body of work in the realm of military strategy and history than B.H. Liddell Hart. His renowned text, Strategy, combs through classic conflicts

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The Biggest Trap in Adult Decision Making

It’s simple: “I won’t try something if I don’t know how.” This self-sealing trap takes on circular reasoning. This basically means that the premise presumes the conclusion to the argument.

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One Lesson After Writing 3,000 Articles in a Row

You know, when it comes to best things that I’ve done in my life, I find it’s hard to answer a simple question about them: “What for?” Most literally, what’s

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A Case Against Knowing: We Can’t Even Measure Our Coastline

Google: how long is the California coastline? Whether you’re interested in the truth about that factor or not, I’ve got a point here. The California Coastal Commision claims 1,100 miles

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