8-Week Course Eases Students Into Strength Training

From its inception, Pain Free Movement 101 has had the men and women who’ve decided that strength and conditioning isn’t for them (yet) in mind. The way we see it

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REVISION: Fitness is My Whole Personality

You know what I’m talking about. Frankly, it happens in any passionate craft passed thing. There are guys whose entire personality is restoring cars or craft beer. Thousands of people

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Hold the Standard™ Summit: The Complete Reading List

Want the secrets? After circling the globe with this two day adaptive leadership and developmental organizational design seminar, I’ve finally compiled the reading list for public consumption.  All the secrets

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Training Debate: The Unilateral Conundrum

It’s an argument as old as time in strength and conditioning. I’ll save you the fitness jargon, but when both legs (or both arms) are working together it’s called bilateral

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DEUCE to Launch New Digital Tracking Support

We are excited to announce an enhanced training experience for our local General Physical Preparedness (GPP) students! With the help of our remote training partners, TrainHeroic, GPP students will now

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