Can You See It?

I find that when it comes to hitting a difficult target, seeing it first is supremely important. Most any uniquely high performer has some sort of conscious or subconscious practice

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Famous Last (Gym) Words

It was a bright morning in late 2009. In some ways, it was the best of times. My responsibilities were pretty concise: train, improve, read, make rent. On this particular

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Tattoo Fundraiser Featuring Plate Dinner Experience with Chef Nyesha Arrington

Where in the world does a former “lifer” in the California state of corrections tattoo a twenty year veteran of the LAPD? Well, that was last year at DEUCE’s Tattoo

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A Peculiar Step in Repairing Broken Commitments

Inside our company, we use a framework to guide the repair of broken commitments. No, we aren’t planning to break commitments with each other but when you’re pushing the edge

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Another Case for Constraints

Life is a vast, overwhelming ocean. If you want to get things done, get creative, or have a good time, build constraints.  There’s nothing practical (or fun, for that matter)

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