The Modern Adult: Information Rich, Development Poor

Our nervous system has capacity to handle what we’re experiencing. Our staff somatic therapist, Sarah Baldwin, has offered this truth to us and others time and time again. The maxim

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A Steak Dinner

I loved the movie The Matrix growing up. I haven’t watched it in probably decades, but there’s this scene in the movie where the agents take Cypher out to dinner.

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Friday Night Lights to Feature Heavy Handed Burgers

The 2024 CrossFit Games Open is coming to 110 Lincoln and you’re invited! We’re thrilled to announce our new and improved Friday Night Lights competition and spectator experience. The Open,

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Rockstar Drummer Travis Barker’s Reading List at Age Seven

We’re not seeing clearly and that simple fact can lead us astray. I was reminded at how much of the information we take in comes with a hidden bias. The

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Interpreting Performance: Right Brain vs. Left Brain

My friend, Carl Paoli, coined this profound statement: true performance can only be measured by feel. I like Carl. I didn’t like the statement. My left brain logic didn’t love

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