DEUCE Presents: Foot & Ankle Performance Workshop

The foot and ankle could be the most critical part of the body rarely discussed! Saturday, July 9th our very own Dr. Sean McBride will present on the foot and

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Gym Etiquette: Dropping Equipment

We know the feeling. You make a big lift, exhausted and you drop the bar. It’s 50% physical necessity and 50% a demonstration of your victory.  That said, there are

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DEUCE Presents: Pride Beach Day

Whether you’ll be training with us Saturday or not, we invite you to Santa Monica Beach for a social beach day. This event is open to the public, so please

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Breath & Exposure Workshop Open to the Public

The finest ice bath and sauna facility in Los Angeles is opening its doors Saturday June 25th for the Breath & Exposure Orientation. From 2:00pm to 5:00pm, participants can expect

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Going Down Swinging

In baseball the letter ‘K’ refers to when a pitcher records a strikeout. Strikeouts happen all the time and in many different ways but there is one way of striking

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