How Athletes Train

How Athletes Train

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What is Deuce?

What is Deuce?

We coach performance. Our various courses and curriculums view fitness through the lens of objective performance capacity. The context of this pursuit of increased performance is inside of a community that includes education, accountability, and social interests. The performance-based community directly supports a quality lifestyle. This is our greatest gift to our students. Ultimately, lifestyle supports increased performance and this value creating cycle continues in a self-sustaining manner.

General Physical Preparedness (GPP)

Our Meat & Potatoes:

General Physical Preparedness (GPP)

We have classes all throughout the week. Given that our three pillars are performance, community, and lifestyle, we honor the “lifestyle” component by supporting students in an effort to train sustainably. Our coaches see to it that you train only as much as you are able to recover from. After all, this is about a lifestyle of health and fitness.

Breath & Exposure

Breath & Exposure

DEUCE's Ice Bath & Sauna Facility

Ice baths are cold! Saunas, in all their spa-like connotation, are still hot. And developing capacity with breathwork, though accessible, is anything but easy. Yet, when we do these things together at DEUCE, something remarkable happens: it becomes fun.

Breath & Exposure is for everyone. If you’re curious about it, please know that’s the only prerequisite to participating that you’ll need.

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If there’s a skill worth acquiring, I’d say the ability to be a student is atop of the list. It’s such a valuable skill because if one can assume the role of student, he/she can unlock virtually any other role or title. The upside speaks for itself, but it’s the downside that makes it rare. 

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