Specialty Course: DEUCE Nutrition

Mark my words. This will change the game. It will change the game for you, the student, and it will change the game for us and our ability to drive performance adaptation in our community. With the help of Coach Ben Smith and Fortify Nutrition, we’re making mastering your nutrition, your physique, and your performance fuel possible. 

With a ground swell of students participating, we’re experiencing a socially reenforced adoption of intentional fueling that is changing bodies at a rate we’ve never seen before. There are two levels of this course:

Level 1: Template – Start here for low hanging fruit of nutritional guidance. Whether your goal is to put on lean size, lose weight, or maintain your weight and lean out, this guide will get your moving in that direction. It’s general and it’s affordable. – $99

Level 2: Guided Coaching – With finely tuned macro nutrition coaching, a Facebook group, and bi-monthly coaching calls, this is a straight shot to a physical transformation like you’ve never seen. – $129/mo

I haven’t been more excited to roll out a program in the history of DEUCE Gym. This is particularly powerful because it’s universally important. Whether you’re a GPP regular, you’re an avid specialty course follower, or competing regularly, your nutrition is either driving your success or defining your failure. Not to mention, the synergy with this program and our in house meal prep program, Meal Prep Mom, means we can integrate extremely precise, hassle-free changes immediately. 

Ready to take ownership of your performance and aesthetics? Email ben@deucegym.com to enroll. 


Logan Gelbrich 


1/3/20 WOD


Bench Press



Single Arm DB Row


Then, EMOM 8

Odd: 15 Burpees

Even: 15 DB Push Press (50/35)


Then, complete the following for time:

800m Run

100 Double Unders