Priority #1: Culture

In my recent rounds in the world of fitness, I’ve seen a bit of an alarming trend in programs like ours. As the functional training movement continues to explode around the world, various interpretations of how to execute it are abound. Like many things, I don’t think there isn’t really a right or wrong way to go about it.

The trend I’m beginning to see, however, is that facilities are opening and contracting out coaching jobs like you’d hire a barista at a new coffee shop. Potentially qualified coaches are then assigned a class time slot and the rest is history. Some of you (our students especially) may already be thinking of how much of an effect that would have on a program like our’s culture.

We all can relate.

Given the way that we’ve designed our school at FFOTB, the very thought of hiring a coach to head up a new class time slot makes me cringe inside. The problems that arise in my mind with a strategy like the coaches-for-hire model is the disconnect and the lack of community feel that come along with it. In a place where feel, community, vibe, and personality are paramount, such as strategy would mean the end of the FFOTB spirit.

Have no fear, however, because FFOTB is built in a manner that is self supporting. Any needs we have will come from within. I felt like we could benefit from some prepared foods options, so we selected a chef from within our student body to do so, for example. As we continue to grow, be rest assured that any new coaches, administrators, professional exercisers, or other figure heads will come from within. It’s vital to our culture that leaders are also students here first. As we speak, students that are interested in coaching one day are currently being groomed by our staff to accomplish that goal.. within the culture of FFOTB.

Our culture is a precious one and with this model I believe firmly that we can maintain the essence of FFOTB, while being scalable to massive growth. It’s important to me as a leader in this community to share what we’ve got in place to keep this place the best gym around.

‘The Nation’ lives!

Logan Gelbrich


Wednesday’s Workout:

10 Pushups
10 Squats


Run 800M

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