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Any organization that’s worth a darn will have a clear mission and vision. It will have direction, purpose, and it will have a handful of things that it believes are vital to business. Danny and I have made a very specific vision become a reality with Functional Fitness on the Bluffs. As community, however, I’d like for our mission, vision, and core values to be clear to our people, “The Nation.”

Mission Statement: We are Southern California’s finest outcome-based fitness school that utilizes coaching, community, and lifestyle to maximize human potential.
Vision Statement: “To end sickness with fitness.”

FFOTB Flag is up!

Core Values: 

Ideally, our mission has the ability to stand alone (If you read it, you get it).  If it’s unclear at all, we are a school, which implies learning. Our learning is comprehensive and infinitely progressive, meaning we cover a multitude of domains and the journey never ends. Our lesson plan has purpose (outcome-based). There are plenty of places to go and sweat. We train for positive adaptation.
We don’t believe that one arrives at a place called “fitness.” Fitness, then, is a journey that we must live inside of. Our tool of choice is fitness and that tool is three pronged: coaching, community, and lifestyle. The end goal, then, isn’t just increased performance, but a step towards self-actualization. FFOTB isn’t just about horsepower in the gym, it’s about maximizing potential. It’s about brain-power and people-power. We build character and confidence as much as we do physical strength.
Our vision is of a fit world. The word fitness is often associated with exercise, dumbbells, and headbands. We like to dig a bit deeper into a fitness as an ability to survive and thrive. If you’re fit for the world, you’re taking responsibility not just for your survival, but your ability to maximize your life. It  is our view that fitness is the antithesis of sickness. Sickness can mean disease as much as it can mean obesity, decrepitude, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, body composition, and so on. Fitness opposes sickness, and visa versa.
Our cure for sickness is one of responsibility, education, and effort. Join us.
Logan Gelbrich
Tuesday’s Workout:
4 rounds:
In 5 minutes:
10 Jump Squats
1 Stair Climb
AMRAP Sand Bag Ground to Shoulder
-Rest 5 Minutes-

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