What’s with all the waiting? You’d think with all the traffic to wait in and the lines to stand in, that most folks would have their fill with regards to waiting. We all want something, why wait for it?

"It pays to be a winner."

“Next week.”

“Ah, I want to soon.”

“As soon as I get my money situation right.”

“Once things die down at work.”

What if every time you decided you “can’t” do something, you said “it’s not a priority” instead? I think the latter, more responsible, explanation would be a bit more difficult to swallow, than claiming you “can’t.” When are you going to slow down and take some time for yourself? Rather than starting on your explanation about work clearing up a bit, for example, just say, “It’s just not a priority,” and see how that sits with you.

Been meaning to tackle a weight problem? Want to improve your finances? Need to skip town for a much needed vacation?

Do it now. Or, stop claiming that it’s a priority.

Logan Gelbrich


Saturday’s Workout:

Complete the following with a partner, for time:
800m Run

Then with one partner working a time:
40 Med Ball Toss Burpees
80 Squats
20 Med Ball Toss Burpees
40 Squats
10 Med Ball Toss Burpees
20 Squats
5 Med Ball Toss Burpees
10 Squats

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