Coffee: Black or Fat

Recently I shared a link with The Nation that outlined making coffee with grass-fed butter, also known as Bulletproof Coffee. Naturally, you may think that butter and coffee are a strange pair, but it’s surprisingly good. If you’re a fan of coffee like I am, and you’ve become a ninja of nutrition, chances are you’re coffee is free of milk, soy, or half & half.

Mmmm, coffee..

There are ways, however, that you can spice up your coffee drinking experience without compromising your nutrition. For example:

1. Grass-fed Butter: A natural, Omega-3 rich fat source from cows that eat real food. This option takes some work to blend into liquid form, but it’s well worth the work.

2. Heavy Whipping Cream: Provides an all fat creamer, without insulin raising carbohydrate. The downside is heavy whipping cream can include casein, the notoriously problematic milk protein that had a starring role as The Worst Thing Ever in The China Study.

3. Almond Milk: A dairy free creamer?? Amen! Be careful, however, as almond milk is processed and can come with ingredients (sweeteners, etc) you didn’t order. Also, this isn’t an all fat option.

If you’re drinking coffee with 2%, whole, or soy milk, I’d encourage you to try one of these options on for size. Pronto! Who knew one could get quality fat AND cream up their coffee at the same time? Coffee is often an everyday, sometimes multiple times a day, habit so it’s important that something as ritual as coffee isn’t damaged goods with harmful creamers and/or sweeteners.

Logan Gelbrich


Friday’s Workout:

3 rounds:

200m Run
7 Hang Power Cleans (155/105)
7 Shoulder to Overhead

200m Farmers Carry (53/26)


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