8 Weeks. A look back…

Danny leaned over, clip board in hand, and whispered:

“Dude, he could win this..”

“What? Really? Is that possible?,” I responded.

“Yea, he’s gunna win this thing right now..”

Exactly six minutes after Heat 4 of The Route 56 Challenge started, Jacob Hassett had all but stolen 1st place from Danny Patterson. Patterson, down 99 lbs into a life changing commitment to better health and weight loss, was the only challenger to remain perfect for the lifestyle point logging section of the challenge. He, literally, had done everything he could to win. So much so, that every challenger came to the Finals event undoubtedly expecting 1st place was set in stone.

Line 'em up!

Jacob had 2nd place secure, but no one could have anticipated a 42% improvement on the challenge baseline workout. His effort was enough to surmount the undisputed leader, Danny Patterson, and take home the $750 cash prize.

This weekend’s challenge finals event looked and felt like an athletic competition, largely because it was. Except, the competitors                                                                                                                                                                                              were, in the truest sense, all playing the same game. Unlike any sport, this competition was completely egalitarian. The competition? Yourself.

The positivity was nearly overwhelming. Challengers, family, friends, and passersby witnessed the full spectrum of fitness capabilities display acts of courage no different than that of fairy tales. It’s hard to put yourself out there. To say to a group of people, “I am about to do my best. Watch me.” ..And then actually try it is a powerful thing.

Folks gathered around after the event to hear a brief ceremony that congratulated our winners:

1st Place: Jacob Hassett

2nd Place: Danny Patterson

3rd Place: Amanda Prather

“The Spirit of the Challenge:” Danny Patterson

This challenge set the stage for cliche after cliche, but everyone that played to win walked away a winner. You’ve got one body. You’ve got one life. And, finding new ways to honor those two things better are invaluable skills and lessons that The Route 56 Challenge awarded to everyone.

Thanks for playing everyone. I am proud. You should be, too. Use this momentum well.



Logan Gelbrich


Monday’s Workout:

With a partner, complete 3 Rounds for reps of:

Max KB Swings (A)
200M Run (B) Pace Setter


Max Arch Rocks (A)
200M Run (B) Pace Setter


Max WindShield Wipers (A)
200M Run (B) Pace Setter


-Rest 3 Min-



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