Thumbs Up For Rock & Roll

*The Route 56 Challenge: Day 42*

I was reminded of this video today (Thanks, Marek!) and couldn’t help but smile ear to ear. I know you will too…


Here’s the thing, though. We tend to look at this kid and laugh. He’s adorable, right? Well, his unabated enthusiasm and optimism is real. Unfortunately, somewhere along the line of growth and maturity, this type of attitude becomes a fairytale for most people.

Put yourself in this kid’s head right now. As a matter of fact, put yourself in that bicycle helmet and take his position on the curb and imagine his world. He’s just learned to ride a bike for the first time. It was hard and it was scary, but he wanted it and he wanted it bad. With just enough work and patience he got it, and he on top of the world. The sky is the limit!

Push Partners.

Now, could you imagine the same boy, with the opposite attiude. He’s upset. Learning to ride a bike may, in fact, be too hard, not worth it, or just plain “stupid” all the sudden. As an adult, what are the things you’d tell that pessimistic kid?

Pay close attention to your words and advice. I’d bet you’d benefit from your own words of wisdom. We all have this type of dreamer, optimist in us. Have you ever wondered where it went?

Logan Gelbrich


Sunday’s Workout:

-Rest Day-


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