Confessional: The Route 56 Challenge

*The Route 56 Challenge: Day 30*

Being 30 days into a challenge like The Route 56 Challenge is about as real as it gets. The novelty has worn off, life has continued on, and the world still doesn’t care about you and your point logging. Sometimes it feels good to struggle in the company of others. Without crossing the line into making this a pity party, I bet a bunch of us (challengers at least) could use some time to vent.

So, just like the words that MTV made famous in the reality show, Real World, I’d like to encourage you to share what this experience has been like thus far when we “stop being polite, and we start getting real.” Here is my confessional:


Now, let’s hear from YOU. Ideally everyone would post their experience to our Facebook wall. Don’t hold back either, be sure to share what you love and what you hate. If you’d like, let’s here some stats (weight-loss, strength gains, etc). You’d be surprised at how much sharing your experience can affect the progress and participation of other challengers. So, let’s hear it, folks…

3, 2, 1 POST!

Dynamic deadlift days.

Logan Gelbrich


3x 400m run


6 Rounds (Alternate R&L) for time of:

8 KB Clean
8 KB Push Press





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