Step 1: Put your dreams on paper.

*The Route 56 Challenge: Day 24*

The mind is a terrible place to keep ideas. The problem is that there’s just so much going up there. Heck, with 1,300 words a minute lopping through your head, excuses, and a whole lot of “I-changed-my-mind” going on, why would you trust to keep anything important up there. The solution? If it means anything to you, write it down!

The masters at lululemon have blessed me with with a coaching experience I’ll never forget. Part of my ambassadorship involves going through their world famous “Goal Set” session. This session was the first time I’ve sat down to do my goals outside of the context of team sports. I’m no slouch when it comes to goals and understanding their importance, and I’ll say it was the most empowering goal setting experience I’ve ever had. I’m so excited about my goals, I’d like to share them with you. Here’s what I came up with:

Hold me accountable, everyone!

So, there it is for the world to see. If this doesn’t fire you up with what could be possible for you, I don’t know what will. If you are fired up, you, too, can take part in this at our FREE lululemon Goal Setting Seminar this Wednesday at 8:00 PM.

Join us!

Logan Gelbrich


Tuesday’s Workout:


5 rounds:

400m Run

15 Overhead Squats (95/65)


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