Now you’re different..

*The Route 56 Challenge: Day 22*

Be sure to believe in yourself more than anyone else in the world. Though we are happy to believe in you more than you do, like we often do in the beginning, we’d rather you take the reigns. At the end of the day, coaches do the coaching and you do the real work. Furthermore, I happen to think what YOU are doing is quite remarkable.

You’re practicing to be a better person. Sure, today we talked about hip opening and spinal position, but those are just measly details. What I’m talking about is bigger. You’re showing up and tackling things that are difficult. Yes, you’re practicing coordination, power, and whatever-the-heck-a-clean-and-jerk-is, but the take away is much more than what’s happening in  your muscles. You’re learning to show up. You’re learning discipline. You’re learning patients. And, you’re having that conversation with yourself that is building character beyond measurement.

Focused workers. Engaged partners. Hands on coaching.

Now you’re different. Do the excuses of your friends and coworkers sound like nails to a chalk board? Or, do you catch yourself just before you want to tell people to “suck it up” and “deal” when they’re in line at the coffee shop complaining about how hard everything is? It’s because your different, now. You view tasks as a challenge. You have a new found comfort in being uncomfortable. It might hurt a bit, but you’ll get it done.. whatever IT may be.

Maybe we’re a fitness school. And, maybe you came to get strong or lose weight or whatever, but I think it shouldn’t go without recognizing all the other little goodies you’ve earned along with your new muscles. Well done, everyone!

Logan Gelbrich


Sunday’s Workout:

-Rest Day-


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