Who sets the standard?

PRs in the park.

*The Route 56 Challenge: Day 21*

At Functional Fitness on the Bluffs we have a great deal of black and white rules and standards. Though it seems very binary, we do have good reason to incorporate a standard into our training and into the structure of our school. The child’s bratty response, “Who died and made you boss?” does come to mind, however.

I’ll ask the question, then… Who sets the standard?

Maybe in class the answer is obvious… the coach does! In life, it depends, right? Sometimes the law sets the standard, or other times it’s the teacher that assigned the book report that sets the standard. It seems like a bit much to manage, though, doesn’t it? For example, one might say “my boss wants me to be on time, but my church group doesn’t mind so much.” A fitness example would be recognizing that since the warm up doesn’t “count” that neither does full range of motion. The workout, of course, is a different story. Or, is it?

What if it didn’t have to be that way? What if we each could individually set the standard?

When I was coaching baseball, I used to tell my players all the time that, “If you’re standards are higher than that of your coaches, teachers, and parents you’ll never run into trouble.” While setting your standards above that of other people in your life won’t guarantee that you won’t make mistakes, no one can question your effort and know one can be more disappointed in you than you’re own self.

Here’s what I’m offering up. Stop playing games! To be blunt, figuring out what will suffice in each area of your life is total bullshit. The moment you can achieve a place of integrity that is your belief in a standard for yourself, then, my friends, you’re onto something great.

You have to live with yourself. I’d encourage you to not put up with your own “B Game.”

Logan Gelbrich


Saturday’s Workout:

Route 56 Challenge Training

4x 200m Run

Then, complete 3 rounds for reps of:

1 min. Max Deadlifts

-Rest 1 min-

1 Min. Max Hand Release Push Ups

-Rest 1 min-


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