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*The Route 56 Challenge: Day 18*

What does a weekend trip look like these days? Or, any vacation for that matter. It seems like the concept has turned into setting a pile of money on fire to get away from our day to day. We change the scenery, we splurge, we eat like hell, and we spend the entire trip worried about how much of a hole we are getting in on the trip with everything… work, health, life.

Much like we are in many ways “the anti-gym,” our good friends Kenny Kane and John Hackleman are hosting another fresh spin on what it means to go on vacation. The Destination Fitness trip at the Pit in Arroyo Grande, CA will take place Feb. Check it out:


Talk about a challenge friendly good time! For more information on the weekend, click here.

Logan Gelbrich

Amanda movin' well!


Wednesday’s Workout:

Route 56 Challenge Training

With a partner, complete the following for time:

100 Deadlifts

100 Hand Release Push Ups

8 (Alternating) 200m Runs


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