What? No juice?

*The Route 56 Challenge: Day 4*


Now you’ve really pegged me as the renegade fitness coach, right? Maybe I am starting a crusade, or maybe fruit juice is another idea that’s so well established as “healthy” in our heads that it’s nearly offense to hear someone claim otherwise.

"Circle up!"

If this challenge teaches you nothing about nutrition except the role of insulin, then in my eyes it’s been a success. Even fruit in it whole natural form is tricky, because it, too, is essentially sugar, and we know sugar spikes insulin. Insulin is the gateway to fat storage and roller coaster energy levels. Fruits do offer awesome amounts of vitamins and minerals, and good fiber. Neither of which are exclusive to fruit nor essential to life, however.

For 99.99% of the time that our genome has walked the Earth, one would be lucky to be walking around a place that naturally could even grow fruit. And, those that did have access to it only had access to it a few months out of the year. We, then, see fruit and we devour it. History shows that it was a prized commodity. It’s in our DNA. Being that it was rare and tastes great, humans naturally gravitate towards it, because as we know Fall is on the horizon…then Winter. This means there surely won’t be any fruit, and we could use a few extra pounds to keep warm.

Today we have access to fruit 24/7/365. And, we don’t need a few extra pounds.. even in the winter. Now, our natural “addiction” to sugar punishes us, when it used to work perfectly to keep us alive.

How about fruit juice? Juicing fruit essentially takes the positives of consuming fruit (dense nutritious fiber) and throws it in the trash (literally), which then leaves behind the negative aspects of consuming fruit (nature’s sugar) in an exponentially more potent form.

Challengers beware. Fruit juice is challenge ILLEGAL, and for good reason.


Logan Gelbrich


Tuesday’s Workout:

For time:

40 Pushups
400M Run

Rest 2 Min

40 Push Press
400M Run

Rest 2 Min

40 KB Swings
400M Run

Rest 2 Min

40 Squats
400M Run


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