And we’re underway..

*The Route 56 Challenge: Day 2*

You’re in it. How does it feel? Scared? Anxious? Relieved? I found myself struggling to make grocery shopping as free and easy as usual, and I’ve had years of clean eating under my belt. I feel your pain.

Encouragment from a judge.

The challenge is underway. It’s fresh and new, and in many ways inspiring. You’ve taken a leap of faith for yourself and I’m proud of you for doing so. The next 55 days will be chalk full of exciting moments like these, lulls in excitement, lack of motivation, invigorating process, and everything in between.

Expect to see helpful videos and to read blogs that provide specific information. Other blogs will check in with your psyche. Join the chatter in the comments section below, and all the madness on Facebook. Just like school, the experience is much better if you immerse yourself in the culture.

I have some advice for you now that we are underway:

1. Applaud yourself. You’ve done an honorable thing.

2. Seek support around you, but don’t leech it. The best of the best make those around them better.

3. Know that this is for one person and one person only. YOU.

4. Join the community and make it your own.

Regardless of the daily results, know that this is about the process. You can always come back to the process. It will be a wonderful journey. Good luck!

PS- Don’t forget to log your first points below before 1:11 PM Sunday.

Logan Gelbrich


Sunday’s Workout:

[Rest Day]


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