Seeing It Through

Are you planning big things for yourself? Even though in my opinion having a big hairy audacious goal is a wonderful thing, sometimes we can get lost in the “doing” so much so that we can’t imagine reaching the end goal or what it’d actually be like. Whether it’s losing 50 pounds or hitting a huge weightlifting goal, the daily grind of trying to get there often prevents us from seeing the very vision that got us started.

Here’s a video of a man setting out to do something that is nothing short of remarkable. I hope you can use this video as a tool. It’s a beautiful illustration of perspective and execution of  goal setting.


Roger, the man featured in the video, didn’t have the benefit of seeing how things would end up when he stepped off his porch for that first run, just like we can imagine what we want and only hope to see it through. His daily effort, however, made his goal a reality, along with the life changing progress that is so apparent.

I’d like you to use this as a tool on your path to something great. Be able to see your end goal clearly, and find comfort in knowing people are doing things just as crazy every single day.

Post workout high fives.

Carry on..


Logan Gelbrich


Tuesday’s Workout:

Complete the following for max reps:

5 rounds:

Partner A: Max Shoulder-to-Overhead

Partner B: 50m Lunge, 50m Sprint


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