Habits and Nutrition

Let us not forget the significance of our habits, however big or small. They are significant! This is the very reason that habits of discipline and excellence breed much of the same on a grander scale. Most specifically, however, I’d like to call your attention to habits of nutrition.

Dallas living the FFOTB good life!

I don’t mean the strict diet of pumpkin pie, eggnog, and chocolate you’ve enjoyed this Holiday Season, I mean the nutritional habits that you live each day. It seems to me that there is much greater a fear of the extra large slice of cake at the birthday party or the second helping of brownies at home movie night, than the countless additions of milk and sugar to our coffees, or what breakfast looks like every day of our lives. After all, 2 packets of Splenda in one’s morning coffee isn’t much, right? Well, it’s 7,280 packets of insulin spiking, foreign substances that our bodies aren’t designed for over the next ten years. And, chances are we all have more than ten years to drink coffee. See where I am going with this?

I want you to enjoy your holiday meals! I did. But, keep in mind that you and I don’t live Christmas dinner each night. It’s an anomaly.

Now, I ‘m not making the argument that decorating, then eating half a dozen sugar cookies is beneficial, if only done once a year. I am saying, however, it’s a mistake to focus on the unique days, when our daily usual isn’t the focus.

I hope this offers a perception change as we head into the New Year. The New Year will be met with FFOTB’s biggest challenge yet. The challenge will take a look at not just how you are performing in class, but how you are living!

Until then… let’s go bowling!

Logan Gelbrich


Monday’s Workout:

For time:
400m Run
21 Hand Release Push Ups
21 Squat Jumps

-Rest 3 min-

400m Run
15 Hand Release Push Ups
15 Squat Jumps

-Rest 3 min-

400m Run
9 Hand Release Push Ups
9 Squat Jumps

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