Halloween on the Bluffs

We celebrate just about anything we can find an excuse to celebrate at FFOTB. Real holidays like Halloween, however, are a slam dunk. Monday, October 31stwill be a fun day on the bluff– guaranteed. This notice is an effort to give you a fair warning, so plan accordingly.

Huge potential with this motley crew.

In the Halloween spirit, a costume will be required for class. I trust that you all will be wearing them all day in preparation for the evenings trick or treating regardless– this is just a reminder.

If for some reason this is new to you, grab a costume and play along. Don’t think. Just do it. Hilarious costumes are encouraged. In addition, if you’d like to be “that guy” or girl, and not participate you can absolutely still take class. It will cost 50 burpees to get in, however.

Let’s have a heck of a time with this, everyone. I look forward to more holiday traditions with our entire community. This is a chance to set the tone for events to come.

“Talk amongst yourselves.”


Logan Gelbrich



Friday’s Workout:


With a partner, AMRAP 15:

Partner A: 50m Med Ball Clean & Chest Pass

Partner B: Max KB OHS

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