Positivity: Hold on tight

Maybe life isn’t so black and white, but I am sure there are parts of your life that are more positive than negative. And, visa versa. My guess is that nearly all of us have some areas in our life that are negative. Sometimes is the folks we choose to surround ourselves with. Other times its an inability to resist harmful temptation.

We'll give you WINGS!

The goal, however, doesn’t have to be perfection in my opinion. I do believe though that just one positive thing in your life can be your saving grace. If we can maintain a firm grasp on those parts of our lives that make us better, we can combat the unavoidable negativity that comes with being human.

Whether life is amazing for you, or you’re surrounded by poor influence, FFOTB can be a resource that extends far beyond exercise. Functional Fitness on the Bluffs is a community. We are a community of support. If you took our positivity and bottled it, it’d be worth the price of gold.

Embrace it.

If you’re struggling outside of class, I’d encourage you to share a cup of coffee with a classmate. Hell, buy someone a beer. Embrace the positivity. Use it to arm yourself and shine light on areas of darkness in your life.



Logan Gelbrich


Thursday’s Workout:

Complete the following for time:

100 KB Hang Clean Thrusters
*4 push ups on the minute every minute

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