Winning and Losing

The “Better than Yesterday” Challenge prelims are becoming a distant memory, yet the finals seem too far to put it on our radar. This time is the “no man’s land” of the challenge. This is also when the challenge is won, or lost.

Smile-- There's still time!

The “Better than Yesterday” Challenge isn’t a test of guts on game day. This is a challenge about slow, methodical, painful discipline each day for 6 weeks.

Where will you shave those precious seconds off your prelim score? The run? Less rests between burpees?

What’s you strategy? Can you do the squat unbroken at your challenge kettle-bell weight? Go out hard, or easy early on and dig late?

Are you eating like a challenge winner? No one can out train poor nutrition. Dialing in your diet may mean the difference between an anti-climactic finals day, and a resounding personal best.

If you’re slipping, now’s the time to recommit. Think about why you got yourself in this in the beginning. Plus, there is now a few hundred dollars up for grabs.

Winning this challenge is more than coming to class, it’s a lifestyle full of choices that will make you our champion. Are you game?



Logan Gelbrich

Tuesday’s Workout:

FFOTB Baseline


8 Bird Pickers
8 Sit Ups
16 Lateral Bridges

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