This is Your Time

For most of you, The “Better than Yesterday” Challenge prelims are in the bag, and you’re off to the races. This means you’re officially “on the clock” to get better over the next six weeks. The coaching staff has prepared a program to get you as prepared as possible for the challenge finals, November 12th.

Our time spent together, however, is a small fraction of the total time between now and then. Even those of you that utilize unlimited training memberships will still spend a vast majority of time away from the positive influence of FFOTB. My challenge to you, then, is to not sabotage all the great work you’ll be doing in class with your decisions outside of class. Utilize your coaches for accountability, goal setting, and/or nutrition help.

Anti-burpee regalia is common in class.

This is the perfect opportunity to “bear down” on your fitness and see what a focused effort can mean for your improvement. This challenge won’t be won by the student that trains hardest in class, it will be won by the male and female student that commit to a lifestyle of fitness over the next 6 weeks.

Good luck!



Logan Gelbrich


Monday’s Workout:

In teams of 4, AMRAP 15:
100m Run (Sand Bag)
Med Ball Slams (2-count- side to side)
KB Swings
Push ups

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