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A common misconception in regards to eating healthy that I hear in my line of work is, ” I can’t afford it” or “It’s too expensive for me to eat that way.” So, I’ve put together a few guidelines for you to not only make it inexpensive, but help you actually save money by eating healthy.

Here are some great tips that I have learned along way, that really make the wallet happier:

Kara & Logan making mid-workout adjustments.

Look for coupons. If you are not a coupon cutter– no worries. Grab a coupon flyer when you walk into the store, look through it quickly and see what you need that is on special.

Get the store brand. i.e. whole foods brand, Hyvee brand, Ralphs, Trader Joes, Target, etc… They are usually much cheaper and taste just as good if not better, but you are just not paying for the Logo!

Get the in store specials. Protein bars that are ten for ten, or waters 5 for 5, for example. Buy one get ,one free. 9 out of 1o times when I go through the meat section there is discounted meat that has an expiration date of two days from now or the next day, and if I am not planning on using it I will just put it in the freezer.

Buy in Bulk. (sometimes)… Bigger is not always better, but I have come to find out what items are cheaper when you buy them at your local Sams or Costco. Nut butters, salsa, eggs, almond milk, nuts, jerky, larabars. You have to watch for fruit, veggies, and meats, however, as sometimes they may actually be more expensive at discount stores.

Do the work yourself. Don’t buy things already done for you, like pre cut veggies, pre cut fruit, kabobs, etc. Buy them separately and take the extra time to cut them and your bank account will thank you!

Stay to the perimeter of the store. Unfortunately,  we as Americans spend a great deal of money on processed food. Not only is this food harmful to our health, it is putting a huge hole in our wallets. In general, the outside of the store is host to most of the nutritional items. So, don’t stray far and your wallet will thank you!

My husband is always amazed when I come home now, and tell him how much I spent, and what we saved. He is a HUGE eater (in fact I have never seen someone consume so much), and our grocery bill used to be astronomical; but not anymore. It has now become a fun game for me entitled “How much can I save?”

My husband would laugh at me when I would go to certain stores and hold off on certain items, because I knew I could get them cheaper at a different location. Last night at the check out I had my husband guess how much we had saved… our bill was $43.23 and we saved $36.65. We almost saved as much as we spent! The proof is in the pudding ladies and gentlemen. Try these tips for yourself, eat better, and save more!

Annie Mello


Wednesday’s Workout:

“Self Imposed”

3 rounds (not for time):

1 Min Max Pushups
1 Min Max Situps
1 Min Max Squats
1 Min Max KB Swings


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