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Ok, not all of us played team sports past our elementary school days let alone high school and beyond. Whether you were a intramural star in college, an All-American, or you “retired” after a few years of Little League, I think we all can relate to the power of a team atmosphere.

To me, the idea of being on a team is about a group of people headed in the same direction. The commitment to that direction sets the stage for all kinds of remarkable experiences. Somedays it’s not your day, and a teammate “picks you up” and moves the group along. Some days, it’s you that’s the hero. There are thrilling victories and there are low points full of lessons and growth. Nonetheless, the team atmosphere is chalk full of valuable life experiences.

Niki catching some big air!

We can try to do it all ourselves all the time, but sometimes we need the right environment to move us along. Functional Fitness on the Bluffs, and training in a group like ours, brings back the same feelings that team sports do. All of the above elements are found in a day of class on the bluff and it has literally changed my life.

After retiring from baseball, I knew I wouldn’t be a weekend warrior on a Sunday Beer League Team, so I assumed competition and camaraderie were things of the past in my life. I could never have expected it in a million years but, this training has brought back everything I value of my past in team sports.

Competition. Friendship. Community. Victory. Defeat. Progress.

If these are things you miss from team sports and would like in your life, this community might just change your life! Check us out, we’d love to have you on our team.

Logan Gelbrich



Wednesday’s Workout:

For time:
Push Up
1 Mile Run

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