Death by Sitting

We have become such a chair born society, most of us have desk jobs, that confine us to sitting for at least 7 hours. Then we come home from a long days work, and either sit at a computer desk, or on a couch!

The Godfather-- swinging away.

Most of us sit more than we sleep! So what’s so bad about that?

Here is a great informative video from Mobility Specialist Kelly Starrett. He shows you stretches and great mobility exercises for those of us who are stuck sitting all day!


These exercises are so easy, you can even do them at your desk!


Annie Mello


Tuesday’s Workout:


1 KB Front Squat
10 Mountain Climbers (2-ct)
2 KB Front Squats
10 Mountain Climbers
3 KB Front Front Squats
....And so on.

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