Saved by a Lifestyle

Just yesterday I was wrapping up something, when I caught myself running through my mental checklist for the day. I absolutely had to get my car serviced, as I was a few too many thousand miles over my next scheduled maintenance. I had to workout. I had to finish a short list of emails. And, so on and so forth.

Nothing about these tasks was terribly special or unique. The above to do list could be just about anybody’s to do list on any given day. However, I began to think about the weight training has in my life. Why did exercising make my list of must do tasks?

Keep in mind, my situation is unique with regards to exercise. I am in the business of strength and conditioning. I am an athlete. I compete in the sport of fitness. So, naturally training will have a different place in my life than, a father of two who owns a hardware store, for example.

Sometimes you need a little help..

Yet, exercising still fell to the back burner of my day. Exercise can take a back seat to life  regardless if you’re an athlete, school teacher, health nut, accountant, single parent, etc. But, because it is a part of my lifestyle I felt compelled to train. I included it in my mental checklist as something I had to do mostly because it’s just what I do, not because I really wanted to or set a goal to workout by the day’s end. I did it because it’s what I did the day before, and the day before that. It’s routine. It would actually feel weird if I didn’t train.

I began to realize the real power of making lifestyle changes. If I can fall victim to busy days and unmotivated mornings, then sure as heck someone with a desk job and no intentions of being an athlete can, too. The only thing that motivated me to train that day, was the simple fact that it’s woven into my life.

The take away here is that if you want a life of health and wellness. You’ll need to change the context of something like exercise and quality nutrition have in your life. You’re not priming yourself for success if you are embarking on an unpleasant journey. You’re only chance is to find a way to repeat the behavior that will yield the results you want. That means you’ve gotta like you’re food, and you’ve gotta like the place exercise has in your life.

This is exactly the focus of the CrossFit Kids movement. CrossFit Kids isn’t about being able to do the fastest workouts or the most pull ups, as it is about creating a perspective about exercise for kids. Kids in the program will grow up with the idea that exercise is as much a part of life as anything else– even getting your car serviced!

What context does working out have in your life? Most of us are still in pursuit of the tipping point when training is as much a part of life as grocery shopping is. When you’re lifestyle includes habits that support health and wellness, then you’ve won!

Logan Gelbrich


Saturday’s Workout:

For time:

10 KB Overhead Squats

50 Tuck Jumps

8 KB Overhead Squats

40 Tuck Jumps

6 KB Overhead Squats

30 Tuck Jumps


20 Tuck Jumps

2 KB Overhead Squats

10 Tuck Jumps

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