Plumbing Hell: And there’s nothing you can do about it!

I’ve got a very busy schedule. Seriously, I’m a busy guy. This isn’t a pity party by any means, but just listen to me complain for a second…

I don’t get enough sleep. I’m up before the sun everyday. I’ve got three jobs, training, food prep to do. I’ve got to be a son, a boyfriend, an athlete, a coach, and the list goes on. My daily “to do” list is more of a pipe dream than a feat possible to accomplish. Sound familiar?

So, I began to wonder during a long drive a few weeks ago…

What if I had to do Jury Duty? Or, what if a friend flew into town unannounced? What’s it going to look like if I need to see the dentist?

Dramatic, yes, but you see the point, right?

My brainstorming left me with the following conclusion: Though it is unfortunate, this time in my life is a grind and at this point there are things I will simply have to pass up on.  Period.

"One of these things is not like the other." -- Sesame Street

So, I had my answer. I am already out of minutes each day, so I just can’t do any more things. In the future I may free up some time, but now? No way.

Wait.. really? That’s it?

I sat and thought, trying to accept my answer, and it just didn’t feel right. I didn’t believe in the implications that some things would be logistically impossible for me to do. I like to believe that I can do anything. Some things may be more difficult than others, but they should be possible given enough work, commitment, will, or otherwise. The gist of my train of thought is that I let the idea die, unresolved.

Two days ago, I noticed a bit of a household emergency. Water from the shower and some sewage, would spill out onto the side of the house when either the shower or toilet were used. Seeing used toilet paper appear around the back porch is definite cause for alarm.

“OK, stay calm.” A great family friend is a local plumber. Problem solved, right?

No chance! I start to dial his number when I realize, I’ve got to ask him to help me in this emergency and I can’t think of one block of time longer than 30 minutes for him to stop by the house in the next two weeks. Being home between 9AM and 5PM is a hilarious thought. Even being home between 7AM and 8PM is a joke.

Here I am with a legitimate emergency on my hands. It will only be solved if I make it work. The plumbing problem doesn’t care about my schedule, and it won’t get fixed unless I actively make decisions to fix it.

What a powerful lesson packed inside a household plumbing problem! I understand all of the reasons that make change in our lives logistically “impossible.” Countless people are in the same predicament with their health and fitness that I am in with my plumbing.

Here’s the thing. Empathy doesn’t change anything about the situation. Rather than simply understanding why you can’t make the changes that you want to make in your life, maybe it’s time to bear down on finding away to make it work! “There always, always, always, always is a way.”

Logan Gelbrich


With a partner, complete the following for time:
3200m Run
120 KB Snatch
300 Squats

** Partition as necessary

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