Don’t Like It?… Perfect!

In a training community like ours, there are two different kinds of people with respect to knowing what’s coming. The workout gets posted a day before, and chances are you’re the type of person that either wants to know ahead of time or you are the person that will never look at the website to maintain a bit of surprise.

There isn’t anything wrong with either. I personally like to look, because I like to run things through in my head before hand. A huge side benefit to our training, however, is that is prepares you for “the unknown and unknowable.” Most simply put: It prepares you for life. We train so many different skills, time domains, work loads, and formats that whether you have to push your car around the corner to the service station or you’ve got to make 6 trips up the stairs with your groceries, you’ll accomplish either task well.

It's always FUN on the Bluff!

There is one caveat to the concept of knowing the workout ahead of time. I’d like to make a argument that if in your quest for perfect knowledge of what tomorrow’s workout entails AND you base your attendance on what you see, you may be doing a detriment to your total fitness.

If tomorrow’s workout was 100 burpees for time, would you change your mind about coming? If tomorrow was 5x 800m run intervals, would you then opt out at the last minute? Part of the journey to Elite Fitness is refining your skills as a total package. There will always be movements of strength and movements of weakness in your repertoire.There is a great deal of benefit, however, from unbiased programing.

At FFOTB, not only do we rotate three coaches to add perspective and balance. You are getting three different programmers, to ensure you are seeing workouts written to create a complete fitness for you.

It’s OK to not like every workout. The key, though, is to keep showing up if what tomorrow has in store will expose a weakness or two. Trust the programming, and if you see a workout you don’t like, best bet is to show up anyway!

Logan Gelbrich


Saturday’s Workout:

5 rounds for time:
10 TGU
20 yard Frog Jump
10 KB Front Squats
20 Yard Frog Jump

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