“I need help!”

The difference between wanting something and actually having it isn’t always about just bearing down and making it real. Sometimes the desire is really there, but we just don’t know how to get from A to Z. Does this frustrating situation ring a bell?

FOCUS!-- Miss Chavez, in the moment.

Health and fitness, and everything that comes with it, often can have this effect on us. We all want to look, feel, and perform better. Whether it’s which foods to eat or which type of exercise class to take, there is a sea of information out there and it isn’t easy wading through the options to find what’s best. Sometimes it is OK to say, “I need help!”

One article says raw whole foods are the way to go, and the next says protein is the power you need. Is yoga the end-all-be-all training regimen? How about resistance training? Cardio?

Of course, I believe in the programing at FFOTB and I’ve seen students lives beginning to change before my eyes. Of course, I believe in the nutrition coaching we give, and I have seen results in myself and others. But, I am not here telling you this is the BEST way. Or the ONLY way.

What I am telling you, though, is that this is a place where people just like you are actively in pursuit of all the things you’re looking for. A great mentor of mine describes this type of community as a river, where as most gym experiences and efforts on our own are much like jumping in a lake. Jumping in the lake means your going to have to swim to get anywhere, but jumping into a river means the community will push you along, no matter how hard you swim.

At FFOTB, you don’t need to do it all yourself. We are in it together, and we see progress– together.

Logan Gelbrich

Saturday’s Workout:

Team “Helen”
12 rounds for time of:
200m Run
11 KB Swings
11 Dips (off tire)
**One partner works at a time, the other holds KB

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