“Is Fitness All in the Genes?”

Are some people just born to be stronger, faster, more slim, or toned than others? Is our fitness largely out of our control? I personally have to work extremely hard for my results, and often I notice with little effort, some can maintain their performance without as much training.

As I worked through these thoughts in my head I found a very interesting article from the NY Times on genetics and fitness. Check it out! I really think you will gain some very useful and informative knowledge.

An important caveat to this article is that the subjects were prescribed various aerobic exercises, and change was noted for various indicators of overall fitness. Our training, luckily, is a more metabolic prescription that demands a more complex response from your body. Interesting nonetheless..

Just a little post workout lounging.

Come on Thursday and let us know what you think is fitness genetic?

Annie Mello

Thursday’s Workout:

Complete the following for time:
1.5 Mile run
30 KB Power Cleans
30 KB Front Squats
**Partition as needed

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