That’s Not Me

Those of you that are reading this, and have yet to join us, may be thinking, “That’s great, it’s just not me.” I know our members and those that drop-in often can back me up when I say you might want to reconsider.

The pictures on Facebook and the “preachy” blog posts can be intimidating. Whether you believe it or not, though, we aren’t a bunch of people that hate birthday cake, and would love nothing more than to be sore and uncomfortable. This isn’t a unique sect of people with the worldview that says being tired is more appealing than being rested. And no, we aren’t obsessed with eating salads or our biceps, either.

Dylan knows what I'm talkin' about.

Chances are we probably like many of the same things. And, I bet we can all agree that enjoying a relaxing cup of coffee sounds a bit more pleasant than being exhausted, wet, and dirty.

A key similarity between our students and those that have yet to take the plunge is also that deep down, somewhere behind everything else we need to get done each day, we want to improve ourselves. FFOTB is an outstanding place to do that– from multiple angles. We all want to eat better. We all want to exercise in a way that will yield some results. We all want to be accountable. Somewhere along the line we all just want to look, feel, and perform better.

So, before you say, “That’s not me,” consider that it’s not us either. As it turns out, we all want much of the same.

So, come get it!

Logan Gelbrich

Saturday’s Workout:

Five rounds for time of:

10 Side Lunges
10 R/L Ice Skaters
10 KB Slashers
10 R/L Windshield Wipers

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  • fitchicla says:

    I know change can be very intimidating for anyone but anytime u take a step out of Ur comfort zone you grow! The positive environment and encouragement makes you strive to want to get better! Try something new and remember the classic saying “don’t knock it till you try it”!

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