Need Motivation? You already have it!

Though I am not an avid blog follower, I read an outstanding one the other day that a friend shared on the topic of motivation. Much of this blog written by Seth Godin, addresses the issue of motivation and most specifically the times in our life where an external force is the difference maker in our actions, rather than our own will power. These “drill sergeants” in our life can, in fact, be a quality resource for accountability and performance.

Most directly relating to training at Functional Fitness on the Bluffs, there is little doubt in my mind that given that the reps weren’t written on the whiteboard and you didn’t have a coach or two holding you to your best effort, that chances are it wouldn’t get done.  Seth notes these efforts based on external motivation as a possible crutch in our lives. I would agree—to some extent.

I do want to extend his concept a bit further, however, with specific relation to FFOTB. Should you be shameful of all of the “drill seargent’s” you’ve hired in your life? I’d argue that simply having the awareness to the role your boss, trainer, teacher, or other enforcers in your life empowers you beyond the claim that it is a crutch.

Ashley does the improbable under Coach Annie's watch.

You’re willingness to get the car, day in and day out, and show up… on purpose…. to be held accountable comes from an internal motivation. That is a powerful choice! And, let me tell you clearly: Internal motivation is something to be proud of!

You all have it. Understand it, and use it to get everything you want and hopefully even the things you don’t yet know you can have, too!

Logan Gelbrich


Saturday’s Workout:

5 rounds, for time of:

10 Dips
15 Triangle Pushups
20 KB Swings
25 KB Deadlift
30 Situps

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  • fitchicla says:

    I love this post! The more you rely on yourself and your own motivation for success the more personal intergrity you receive! YOu turn motivation into a habit and and expectation for yourself and that will take you to whole new level! Prove to yourself that you can!!!

    See you guys tuesday!

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