Ahh, Thursday… Perfection!

Many of us get into our routines in our daily lives so much so that we forget what truly makes us happy. I have had made it a priority this past year to use the gifts that I have been given and really do what makes me happy!

I bet if you take a poll and ask people what their perfect day consists of, or what truly makes them happy, over 50% would not be able to answer right off the bat. We, too often, let work, family, and “things” get in the way of finding “true” happiness.

So now I have started asking my clients, “If you had Groundhog Day every single day What would your day look like”?

Like Christy always says, "Location, Location, Location!"

Here is mine: I would start out with a morning workout, eat breakfast, go to Coffee with my hubby and sit outside; relax and read. I would train my clients. Then I would go for a run or hike and take in all the beautiful scenery with my mom! I would pick up my sister from school and take her some place she enjoys. Then for the evening I would (try to fit another workout LOL), cook a delicious dinner, and go out for “Date Night” with my Husband.

It is not over the top. It is actually very simple, but makes me happy and excited! When I am frustrated or having a bad day I envision this and it puts a smile on my face!

I challenge each and every one of you to write down your “Perfect Day” in the comments and on a piece of paper for yourself!

Keep this in your wallet, car, or someplace that you will always see it! This will change and evolve just like we do, so make updates as needed!

Live your “Perfect Day” and see how happy you can truly be!

Annie Mello


Thursday’s Workout:

Complete the following, for time:

5 PVC Thrusters
10 OH PVC Lunges
20 Jumping Jacks
15 PVC Thrusters
20 OH PVC Lunges
40 Jumping Jacks
25 PVC Thrusters
30 OH PVC Lunges
60 Jumping Jacks
30 PVC Thrusters
25 OH PVC Lunges
80 Jumping Jacks
20 PVC Thrusters
15 OH PVC Lunges
100 Jumping Jacks
10 PVC Thrusters
5 OH PVC Lunges

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  • logangelbrich says:

    I think my perfect day might be making breakfast last 24 full hours… Ha!

    Realistically I would string out breakfast as long as possible. It would be chalk full of coffee, bacon, eggs, and great conversation. The rest of my day would include juggling reading from multiple great books. I wouldn’t drive anywhere, but my bike would surely be in use!

    I would definitely train (yes, even if it was my last day on Earth!). Lastly, the evening would be a spontaneous dinner at the house with some quality folks!

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