Fitness that Sticks

There are very few people that can say they have had the level of health and fitness they’ve wanted all their lives. Our efforts to get in shape seem to follow the ebb and flow of dissatisfaction and motivation. It seems that when January 1st rolls around and we all have “Eye of the Tiger” coming out of our headphones at the gym four days a week, but by March we are already burnt out with the prospect of a life of exertion. How can we avoid this trap of inevitable thrilling gains and frustrating losses?

Don’t break up to make up with your fitness!

We are all in this for something. Whether we are after a better look, increased performance, or to feel great again, one thing is true. Consistency is key!

Unless you can see yourself simply eating less than your body wants for the next few decades, maybe “portion control” isn’t a strategy to help you lose weight, for example. The key to quality, lifelong results is a quality, lifelong commitment.

On the journey to elite fitness we need to set ourselves up for success. What’s your plan to get there? Is it realistic? When you’ve found a way to blend nutrition and exercise into you lifestyle so finely that you can’t be without it, then you’re really on track!

Logan Gelbrich

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  • Britt says:

    I’m going into “break up” with fitness stage….guess I should get back on track. Thanks for the encouragement!!!

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