For Sensation

Have you ever tried to muscle your way through a task, only to realize more muscle isn’t the solution? Imagine a push press with violent arm extension, but no hip extension.. Double unders with a higher jump, but slower landing time.. A 2000-word written apology, in lieu of a heartfelt “I’m sorry,” said face-to-face.. Now, imagine yourself

Mayhem: A Group Without Agreement, Tone

There are certain thresholds that hold the behavior of groups together. Group dynamics are complex, but well worth understanding, nonetheless. Consider the following dynamic. You’re in the airport terminal about to board your plane. Like a mostly logical person, you’re seated until they call your group.  “We now welcome ‘Group 2’ to the boarding area,”

[VIDEO] Women of DEUCE: “Why I Train..”

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Is there a group more inspiring than the women of DEUCE? We don’t think so. Across all three gyms (DEUCE Garage, Backlot, and Athletics) our women are showing up and showing up big.  Our resident media man, Taylor Gelbrich from Salty Boy Productions, asked these powerhouses an important question: Why do you train? WATCH.  Logan Gelbrich   @functionalcoach

Emotions of the Game

Emotion is at the heart of many of our greatest performances. Subsequently we can draw strong correlation between the presence of profound emotion and life’s richest experiences. Sometimes, however, the method behind peak performance is a more stoic approach, thus assumptively leaving out human emotion.  To be honest, baseball taught me the power of Stoicism.

2019 CF Games Open is Coming

The 2019 Reebok CrossFit Games is an international competition searching for the fittest man, woman, and team on Earth. The first step in this journey is an online invitational called the CrossFit Open, which begins next Friday October 10th and will run until November 11th.  The event is open to athletes of all ages and fitness levels