Are you trending?

*The Route 56 Challenge: Day 11*

Ever wonder why things get popular? And, I don’t mean just popular. I mean when things become so buzz worthy that the trend almost forcefully penetrates your life. I’ll be the first to tell you that my mom would love life just as much if it didn’t include Facebook, for example. She, too, is sucked into the Facebook vortex. But, why?

It’s the same reason the business day starts at 9:00, instead of 8:00, or even 10. It’s also the same reason why 68% of Americans are overweight. Do you know what that means? That means it’s almost weird if you aren’t overweight.

The reason is that each of the aforementioned trends have tipped. They have grown so large that they become difficult to not conform to. OK, maybe my 9:00 AM workday start time example was a bit ridiculous, but the thought experiment works nonetheless. Why not run a business that doesn’t answer the phones or start work till noon? You’d have a free morning, and you could just work later and accomplish just as much. You wouldn’t because it’s just too damn easy to work with the rest of the world. Suppliers can’t get ahold of you at the start of their day, you’d be trying to send faxes to retailers that have been closed for hours. It’s just too hard.

Overhead squats, though rarely witnessed on infomercials, are exceptional for training.

What about Facebook? Same thing. It’s just too easy to have, and given how enabling it is, it’s also become difficult to be the odd one out without it.

Think for a moment about my last example, however. We live in a country where most people are overweight. This scales have tipped, and it just too damn easy to be overweight. It seems, then, a bit backwards to reach out and expect such a community to support your health and wellness. Right?

Hint: America now supports it’s current reality. The market place supports being overweight and obese. It has to, because the market is overweight and obese.

Start your own movement, because Lord knows if you’re not aggressive in your efforts you may get sucked right into an unavoidable trend. Aways complain about traffic? Stop driving your car. Frustrated with the politics of your company? Start your own. Think it’s unfair that your blood pressure medicine costs so much? Clean up your nutrition and get moving.

Do me a favor  today and check to see that you are championing you’re own destiny– It’s a wild world out there!

Logan Gelbrich


Wednesday’s Workout:

Hang Power Clean




5 Thrusters

10 Jumping Lunges


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