10/19/15 - Waking Up on Top

My favorite question in our ‘Intro Session’ for all prospective students is the final question. Do you remember it? “If you could wake up tomorrow and look the way you’d like to look, feel the way you’d like to feel, and were capable of all the things you’d like to be capable of, what would life look like?”

In that scenario would you have new, more active habits? Would you fill your weekends with different activities? Would you be stronger? Faster? More flexible? By how much? Are you energetic? Confident?

Regardless as to how specific your view of your idealistic future-self is, I want you to take a trip back in time with me to this “Intro Session.” Put yourself squarely in that “Intro Session” again. When compared to what you thought then, are you now beginning to take on characteristics you were in search of? Has your defining characteristics of fitness success changed?

Do tell. I’m curious.



Logan Gelbrich


10/19/15 WOD


10 Power Cleans (155/105)

20 Deadlifts

30 Burpee Over the Bar

40 Box Jumps (30/24)

50 Double Unders