Strongman 202

photo (3)Strongman 202 is an advanced status course that extends beyond our 8-week Strongman 101 course. Strongman 202 is a more affordable, more inclusive evolution for those that have graduated from the Strongman 101 program.

DEUCE Gym is a beautifully structured school of fitness, but Strongman 202 complements common program structures with what will, in practice, feel like our only opportunity at an ‘unlimited membership’ or ‘open gym.’

Strongman 202 memberships will grant access to the gym anytime between 8AM and 7:30PM Monday-Friday and 10AM-1PM on Saturday’s. Participants will have access to Strongman 202 programming, which they may do up to six days per week in groups, with a coach, or alone.

Here are the membership details:

DEUCE Gym GPP Members: $99/ Month-to Month

Non-DEUCE Gym GPP Members: $205/ Month-to-Month

**Both memberships will operate under a code of conduct that displays the highest spirit of our ‘Hold the Standard’ culture. Like all of our programs, we don’t let assholes, liars, or criminals to train here.