Deuce Strength 202

This course is the next evolution for anyone who is well versed in the basic language of programming and understand movement mechanics for major lifts. Programming is designed around different expressions of strength. This is not meant to prepare for traditional powerlifting meets. The program is set to go for 8-12 week cycles of different emphasis. There will be quarterly meets to both test progress and keep training engaging. Depending on the emphasis there will be essentially 4-5 training days. Training days are composed of major lifts paired with accessory movements.

Strength 202 – Programming 5x a week via Train Heroic



Meet day variations:
1RM Squat – 1RM Bench – 1RM Deadlift
5RM Front Squat – 1RM Push Press – 1RM Power Clean
10RM Back Squat – Max Pull Ups – Max Vertical Jump