Specifically Speedy

When it comes to being fast, specificity is king. You see, when it comes to our rate of force production there are some universal truths at play. On one end

Fast Twitch Commodity

Fast twitch muscles fibers are hard to come by. Genetics aside, one must train to earn fast twitch performance. Speed, power, and agility from one activity to another are hot commodities

Speed: The Next Frontier

We’ve viewed fitness from this work capacity biased mindset from the get go. I’d argue for good reason. Being able to do more work faster is, after all, the name

A Chance for Speed

I was thinking, in a very basic way, that outside of childhood many folks aren’t afforded too many opportunities to be fast. We don’t really run play much tag these

Being Explosive is a Mindset

A student coach of ours recently asked me the age old question, “Can you teach speed?” Without getting into the controversial answer, I do know one thing. Speed, strength, power,