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[VIDEO] Commitment That Won’t Quit

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In the second week of our temporary book club called the ‘Going Right Mastermind’ we admitted to ourselves that if we’re going to accomplish anything remarkable, we’ll need a commitment

FREE Brain Fitness + Community

Imagine yourself in a crowded café. When you think about the individuals around you, can you imagine that they each have some desire for a wonderful life inside of them?

Book Club Requires No Reading

There’s no typo in that title, people. In an effort to help integrate the concepts of my recent best selling book, Going Right: A Logical Justification for Pursuing Your Dreams, I

Connection in One Step

Several weeks ago I set a goal for myself to host more dinners. I sense a need for community and togetherness that isn’t being resolved around me. Maybe you can

Transcend & Include Your Career

There is common, yet important, language in the adult development and positive psychology arenas that describes evolution as a process of transcending and including our previous iterations. As we earn