Teal Montogmery

Teal was raised in the South Bay area of Los Angeles. In school she played softball, basketball, volleyball, and enjoyed running 5K and 10 K‘s for fun. Her real love came when she found CrossFit. She dove in headfirst soon becoming CrossFit Level 1 certified along with becoming USA Weightlifting certified. This love of movement led to her studies of and majoring in kinesiology with the bonus of being a student athletic trainer for four years. After college, a car accident caused a spinal injury and left Teal unable to run, lift weights, or swim and told that she would never be able to do those things again. Not acccepting the prognosis for a life of pain with limited movement she searched for any and every possibility to try to get her life back, she found ELDOA, a method founded by French osteopath Dr. Guy Voyer. She committed herself to the restoration and full function of her spine. Now, she is pain-free and can do all that she was told that she couldn’t do and more. Now, Teal is both a Coach and certified ELDOA Trainer. Her goal is to help others to become not only strong, but pain-free, as well.

From Devastating Back Pain to Physical Freedom

Look, the moment before a back injury (check out helping accident victims of trucks from here) a couple of things are usually true. Firstly, you feel great. Second, you’re usually

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