Logan Gelbrich

Born in Santa Monica, Logan feels right at home coaching at DEUCE Gym. With a background in collegiate (University of San Diego) and professional (San Diego Padres) baseball, Logan is used to high performance, heavy workloads, and accountability. Luckily, Logan was blessed enough to work with world renowned strength and conditioning coaches, sports psychologists, and nutritionists during his career. It’s during this time that the seeds were sown for the belief system that led him to both the CrossFit Games and Strongman Nationals. These experiences guide his coaching today. Forever a “student of the game,” Logan is always looking to strengthen and question his understanding of humans. Today his work includes his best selling book, Going Right: A Logical Justification for Pursuing Your Dreams, and diverse offerings of education in leadership and group dynamics via the 'Hold the Standard' Summit, online education, and consultancy.
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Gratitude at DEUCE Garage

Eleven years into this, there’s never a day where I don’t realize that 1) people don’t have to come and 2) this could all be over in a heartbeat. DEUCE

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Venice Gym to Host Post Thanksgiving Hero Workout

Join us Friday November 25th at 110 Lincoln for a community gathering you won’t want to miss! We will be hosting a community hero workout starting at 9:00am for anyone

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Inside the Mind Blowing Life of Working at LAX

Anytime I’m in an airport terminal I get curious about the people who work there. My mom was a flight attendant for roughly fifty years, so I don’t mean the

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Shaan Puri’s Framework for Mitigating Risk

Shaan and his partner, Sam Parr, have a show that has captured my attention as of late. It’s called My First Million and I listen religiously for a few reasons:

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FREE Workshop: Advance Your Gymnastics Saturday

Students rejoice! You’re invited to a masterful examination of gymnastics fundamentals this Saturday from 1-3pm.  This workshop is open to all fitness levels. Students can expect to learn foundational skills

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