Glute Inactivation

You can do it, put your butt into it! No, but really..

The gluteus maximus (buttocks) is the strongest muscle in the human body. Need pelvic stabilization? Your glutes got ya covered. If you look at your muscles like a hand in poker, your butt is the ace of spades. Rightfully so, human movement relies heavily on this muscle to a good portion of the “heavy lifting” in life. The trouble is a staggering number of folks suffer from glute inactivation, which leaves other, smaller muscles to pick up the slack.

Sam Buck on the move!

Low back pain? Knee pain? Hip issues? Chances are the problem isn’t acute to the back, knee, or hip, but more so a result of these joints not getting the support they’re intended to from your glutes.

Glute atrophy is often a result of the modern lifestyle. Sedentary work, most specifically sitting, contribute to glute atrophy, shortening of the hip flexors, and various postural consequences. The wrap sheet on the consequences of sitting are well documented. With stand up workstations becoming more and more common, there’s even a small revolution going on in the way office work is conducted.

Sitting for as little as 20 minutes turn off nerves in the glutes. Enter: The need for glute activations. Take the deadlift, for example. The order of muscle firing and work load should go: Glutes —> hamstrings —> spinal erectors. What happens when you take the glutes out of the mix? You guessed it. Chances are the lift will still get made, at the expense of your hamstrings and spinal erectors, however.

The take aways here are two fold. We should do less of the things that contribute to glute inactivity (sitting, etc) and do more to turn on our glutes (activations,etc) before training. Stand up! Use your butt!

Logan Gelbrich


Saturday’s Workout:

Find your 1RM Squat Clean Thruster

Then complete the following for time:
30 Thrusters (45/35)
1 Mile Run
30 Thrusters

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