Logging points without the results?

*The Route 56 Challenge: Day 44*

Being forty-four days into a challenge as comprehensive as The Route 56 Challenge must mean for some very staggering changes, right? Well, maybe not…

MobilityWOD meets FFOTB.

Sure, many folks have made changes in their lives that sound like they are straight form a late night infomercial. Some have dropped a dozen pounds or more, others are free of pre-exisiting medical conditions, and nearly everyone has had huge leaps with regards to performance. As I warned you all in the beginning, however, the rules of the challenge are merely rules. They aren’t a road map to optimal performance. Such a road map would be too cumbersome and too specific for our game.

Instead, we implemented some blanket rules that provide an outstanding framework. Removing grains, dairy, sugar, and legumes is a monumental step in the right direction. That being said, this framework is absolutely vulnerable to loopholes and mistreatment.

The example I gave at the beginning of the challenge was of a hypothetical challenger, who aced the challenge. He took home first prize with a perfect score. However, his diet consisting of only bananas left him more overweight, less fit, closer to diabetes, and worse off than when he started.

Ever heard of too much “good stuff?”

I’d encourage those of you that are playing this game more for the sake of the rules than for the sake of your betterment to reevaluate. This shouldn’t be about trying to make your life as much like life pre-Route 56 Challenge as possible, except within the rules of the game.  “Paleo Brownies” will get you points, for example, but it’d be a mistake to think you’re doing yourself any good eating them. Fruit is challenge legal, but an apple isn’t a breakfast of champions.

Play the game, but dig deeper into why you’re putting yourself through this in the first place. I’d like to argue there are more gains in having a quality approach to nutrition and enjoying an occasionally REAL brownie, than to have a shoddy nutrition plan that honors nothing but the technicalities of the challenge rules. Plus, no fake brownie can compete with a real one anyway.

This challenge is too damn long and too damn hard to honor it and not get the results. Play the game for the results you want, seek help from a coach, consult the challenge user guide, and let’s finish strong!

Logan Gelbrich


Tuesday’s Workout:

6x 400m Run


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