Come See What’s the Same

*The Route 56 Challenge: Day 36*

Have you ever heard the song “Crazy Game of Poker” by OAR? I do have a specfic reason for making this reference, but if you have’t heard it, you should check it out. Great song. Oh, and I’d recommend the live version. Moving on..

There’s a small section of the song that goes like this:

I drank a bottle of whiskey, ‘fore I came
Came to the place to see what’s the same
I saw my man named Johnny sittin’ across the table from me

Let’s disregard the whisky drinking and the singer’s buddy, Johnny, and focus on the middle line for a second. With special regard to FFOTB, the reason you come may, in fact, be the opposite.

The variance of the programming at Functional Fitness on the Bluffs may well be one of your favorite aspects of our fitness school. Students will often say things like, “I’ve been training here six months now, and we’ve yet to do the same workout twice!” This is often true, and it is on purpose. There is a great deal of evidence to support programming the way we do, from muscle confusion to covering a broad spectrum of skills to keeping it fun..yadda yadda yadda.

I see hip extension. I see range of motion. I see..

I bet that if you really looked a layer or two deeper, however, that’d you’d see a lot of commonalities in the day to day training at FFOTB. Sure, yesterday was a partner workout with farmer’s carries, KB snatches, and burpees and today was just barbell overhead squats and 400m runs (hypothetical), but as a coach so much of what we are looking for in our students is the same. These two seemingly irrelated workouts are about midline stability and stance. They are about hip extension and active shoulders. These workouts are also driving home range of motion, “driving through the heels,” and knees tracking over toes. The cues to work in the frontal plane are there and both even utilize core to extremity concepts.

Coincidence? Heck no. What about.. say… 3 rounds for time of 12 front squats and a 50m overhead walking lunge? It’s all there. Midline stability, “driving though the heels,” and so on..

So, where as the benefits and presence of major variance in our training is there. I encourage you, as a student, to also pay attention to what is universal across nearly all functional movements.

Who knows, maybe instead you’ll come to this place to see what’s the same…

Logan Gelbrich


Sunday’s Workout:

-Rest Day-


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